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Death is going to die

I'm going to destroy it.

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Name:Lord Asriel
Birthdate:Feb 26
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"Human beings can't see anything without wanting to destroy it, Lyra."

Tall, cold and somewhat arrogant, Lord Asriel is a difficult man to figure out. There is nothing particularly remarkable about the way he looks (for he is human) except you may notice that he is never without Stelmaria, the snow leopard that is his constant companion; his daemon, in fact.

Lord Asriel is an ambitious, very strong and often cold character who has very passionate beliefs seen in the way he handles himself, his child Lyra, and the decisions he makes. He seems to have no interests in others, except to use them for his own gain. He treats his daughter, Lyra, like a tool, never showing any outward feelings of love towards her. It is even arguable he may not love his daughter at all even though she admires him.

Thus, his only interests appear to be in gaining wealth and power through knowledge of Dust and he will go through any means to achieve it. When he believes strongly in something, it can almost lead him to madness--such as the decision he makes to defy the Authority and the Church.

His feverish passion allows him to build a bridge across his world and the world across the Aurora Borealis in which his daughter follows for the purpose of setting up a rebellion against the Authority who believe in conserving ignorance and admonishing Dust.

His passions include: rebelling against the Church, the Authority, and people who believe in conserving ignorance.

Interests (10):

aurora, aurora borealis, books, daemon, dust, knowledge, rebelling against the church, rebellion, stelmaria, the authority
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